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Whole Culatello

Quantitée :environ 4,5 kg

  • Production area : Émilie-Romagne

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Origins :Émilie-Romagne, Italy

Origins and territory of Culatello:

This is the most valued of Italians cooked meats: it is called "Re dei salumi", meaning "king of cooked meats."

It is found mainly in the areas of Parma, Piacenza and Cremona.

This cured meat is made from a piece of choice (the "bottom" of the pig) and with an ancestral know-how.

Tasting advices for Culatello:

The Culatello delivers its best flavors when it’s cut finely. For this, the best is to use a robust and precise slicer (see CIMOLINO range) and do the following steps:

– Remove the skin (as one goes along the cut because the skin permits abetter conservation).

– Set the slicer to about 0.5mm – 1mm (0.5 indicated on CIMOLINO slicers).

To better appreciate the Culatello, it is best to cut the slices as one goes along and leave it at the room temperature (below 20 to 22 ° C) the time of tasting. Do not put in the fridge without putting it under vacuum.

Maturing of Culatello:

Minimum12 months

The entire Culatello is subject to drying. Sausages dry over time, which can lead to a weight loss based on the weight indicated.

Ingredients: pork, salt, pepper, natural flavors, preservatives E252 and E250 (slightly on the skin)