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San Daniele ham "quarter peak" € 36/kg

Quantitée :around 2 kg

We selected the ham from the oldest "prosciuttificio" (ham factory) from San Daniele. You will discover his fine taste and exceptional delicates flavors.

  • Production area : Frioul-Vénétie julienne

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Origins :Frioul-Vénétie julienne, Italy

Origins and territory of San Daniele ham:

The time of the Celts and Romans is far but the tradition for the San Daniele ham has remained…

San Daniele is a city on a hill in the region of Friuli. The microclimate of the place offers special conditions for the refining and storage of hams. Indeed, the city is close to the river Tagliamento, which acts as a conditioner and the original ground moraine can drain humidity. The proximity of the mountains, can mitigate the effect of hot air from the Adriatic Sea located 35 km.

The Celts (the first to use salt for preserving meat), have left traces of their presence in this region. The Romans then maintaining and developing this knowledge.

The San Daniele ham has long been like a money with the Venetian empire. We also know that hams were delivered to the prelates of the Council of Trent, or at the Royal Court of Hungary.

Tasting advicefor San Daniele ham:

San Daniele ham is eaten traditionally finely cutted. For this, it is best to use a robust and precise slicer (see CIMOLINO range) and the following steps:

– "Derinding" part of the ham (as and when you cut because the rind allows a better conservation) removing the fat part as little as possible, which gives flavor.

– Set the ham slicer about 0.5mm – 1mm (0.5 and indicated on a ham slicers CIMOLINO).

To better appreciate the San Daniele ham, it is best to cut the slices as one goes along and leave it at room temperature (below 20 to 22°C) for the tasting time. Do not store in the refrigerator, without a vacuum packed.

Refining of San Daniele ham:

20 months

Ingredients: pork, salt.